Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Well well, it seems like spring feelings overpowered my mind completely. Can you imagine that it's winter here in London?? Sun is shinning, nature is green, no snow, birds are chirping...still not sure which version of winter I prefer haha! Well, if you are surrounded by snow and freezing weather at the moment, I hope these pictures and pastel colours will bring some spring ish feelings to you guys.

Monday, 26 January 2015


Hope you guys had a lovely weekend and now are full of energy and motivation to move forward and do some wonderful things that make you feel happy! Even though, I hate waking up early in the morning, I kind of like Mondays (?!). It always brings me some new ideas, exciting emails (I just love love love checking my emails, one of my favourite things ever) and puts me on a working mode instantly. I would really recommend you to go to the gym in the morning or even take a walk, it wakes me up so quickly (tested already)!

Enough about morning problems, let's have a closer look to my outfit. And guys, I have to announce that I'm becoming a real shoe maniac. I have always loved shoes but not as much as now. I think it's because of my boyfriend as he has loads of shoes and still can't stop buying them! I wouldn't mind this fact, however the problem is - it doesn't fit in our flat anymore. I really do not know where to put them anymore. If you guys have any ideas where to place and how to organize your shoes, please let me know haha! 

Friday, 23 January 2015


Winter season is definitely for cozy outfits. Even if it's too cold outside to wear a skirt or dress, you can always put your slim fit denim or leather pants under and it will look great! Today my outfit is all about layering layering and layering again. You know when you are not sure what to wear and you just suddenly decide to put everything together haha? Well, it works sometimes! I'm really happy about this outfit as it looks a bit different than usually , however  very comfy and warm at the same time.
Do you guys like to experiment like this? I think you all should definitely try this way of dressing at least once!

Dress FREE PEOPLE/denims RIVER ISLAND/bag&jacket NEW YORKER/shoes H&M/knitwear ZARA/necklace EDGE of EMBER

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Spring is coming, let's bring some bright colors to our wardrobes! How about green? I loooove this color, seriously. And actually, I think it looks great in the winter season as well, so don't hesitate and grab something bright to make your days fun & playful! I've been browsing through my blog posts and realised that I was such a bright colors maniac last year, while now most of the pieces I'm wearing are grey, black or white. I'm not saying that I don't like those shades, I just believe that all those intensive colors really make your everyday life more positive, don't you think so?

Last week I received a parcel from Choies and as it's our first collaboration, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I'm pretty excited about the quality! I've picked this bright green Neoprene top and I'm just loving it. The fabric is just brilliant and the top itself looks so cool, modern and completely matches my style. I'm in love with Neoprene for quite a long time, even some pieces in my future collection are made of it, cannot wait to show you!

By the way guys, I'm also wearing my own designed shorts/skorts, so this outfit really means something to me! You can't really see it properly here and I'm good with that as it's still a little secret haha! I'll be interviewed next month by one London magazine about my collection so promise you to tell more! Oh, and also, I'm wearing Edge of Ember accessories, how beautiful they are?? Especially rings, completely my style and look good with every outfit for every occasion, oh yes!

Hope you guys liked this look & I cannot wait to hear your comments about it!


top & beanie Choies / shorts designed by me / bag New Yorker / shoes H&M / accessories Edge of Ember

Friday, 16 January 2015


I like January. I really do. All those big celebrations and lazy time during holidays is finally in the past. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and I love holidays, it's just, I feel more productive and active when it all ends. It actually feels as spring and the new beginning is here waiting for me haha! 

A few days ago I received an email from VINTED offering me to prepare an article about my wardrobe detox/changes for you my lovely readers. I thought it's quite an interesting idea, so here I am, showing you guys how I'm planning to detox my clothing!

1. I would like to start with trousers as it's one of those a must have pieces in our wardrobe. While browsing trough my blog, I realised that I wear these black leather Zara pants way too much! Well, you know when you find your favorite and the comfiest ever ones, you just can't stop wearing them. It matches basically with everything in my wardrobe, it's good to have something like this. However, as spring is coming soon, I decided that I really need some changes, especially in a color range. I found these 3 beauties on ASOS and as you can see, pastels and white shades are coming to my wardrobe soon! I definitely prefer high wasted trousers as it looks more feminine for me and at the same time helps you to hide some imperfections after having lunch at Mcdonald's!

Monday, 5 January 2015


You know a feeling when you find a perfect outfit that makes you feel so comfy and chic at the same time?? Well, I can truly say I found one a few days ago! Even though this outfit can seem something completely weird for someone, as matching a classic dress & a jacket together with leather trousers and sparkling sneakers is not really usual combination, I am so in love with it!!! It basically presents my personal style in 100%. Sporty + classy + GLITTER. Yup, that's definitely me haha!

First of all, I want to introduce you my biggest love in a shoe world - ALDO shiny sneakers that Santa got me this Christmas. How cool are they?? I want to wear them every single day, with every possible outfit, I am really obsessed with them...But that's not bad, right? Honestly, the whole outfit is combined with favorite pieces in my wardrobe.As you may realized, I am a big fan of a clothing brand called Fabitoria. Seriously, these girls are amazing! I loooove everything from their collections, you definitely need to check them out!

Also, if you are still wandering what trousers to buy, I highly recommend Zara's high wasted leather ones! Yes, they probably don't have the same ones anymore but I'm pretty sure they designed something similar. It matched with absolutely everything, are very comfy & they are not afraid of heavy rain, so you don't need to worry about that haha!

Hope you guys liked this look & I would love to hear your opinion in a comment section bellow!


P.S. If you are a fury collars lover, have a look at Free People scarf section over here!!!

Saturday, 3 January 2015


Hello guys, it's 2015, how exciting is that?? Hope you all had a wonderful New Years celebration and already set up new goals for 2015! Wish you all loads of energy, inspiration, new ideas and to do what you really love because only then you can reach your dreams!

Usually, during the Christmas time & New Years I am back in Lithuania, however this year I was staying here in London and spent time with my beloved boy & our lovely friends. It's very easy to feel the Christmas spirit here in London as this city is so so beautifully decorated during this period, it's hard to not love it! 

I don't know how about you, but I still imagine winter time with loads of snow so wearing a flowery top & leather jacket is pretty weird for me, even though I live in London for almost 2 years. Well, some things are just hard to get used to! And some are very easy! For example this flowery SHEINSIDE top (you can find it here). It's definitely one of my favorite pieces since I've got it! It looks perfect with denim jeans and I'm sure would look amazing with a bikini during the summer time. 

I matched it with my recent love high-waisted River Island jeans, New Yorker Leather jacket & red Zara booties that I bought last year & it's still on my favourites list! 

Saturday, 27 December 2014


How are you everyone?? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas time with your beloved people & shared the love with everyone! Well yes, I'm running a bit late with this Christmassy images, however I just thought it could be a nice way to remember, what beautiful had happened during those few days. We took these pics a week ago in Winter Wonderland, here in London, and it really made me feel like I am a little girl again, so exciting! I really didn't think that all these celebrations this year will be that exciting for me as I caught a cold right before Christmas, however mulled wine, delicious food & good company made it very cozy & fun! 

Also, to treat ourselves a bit, yesterday me and my boyfriend had a little shopping as 26th of December is a Boxing Day here in UK! Honestly, people get crazy during that day as it's a first day of winter sales, and basically, all the stores have some cool deals & discounts! If you follow me on Instagram, you may already have seen some of my new purchases! By the way, I managed to find a really cool sparkling blazer which I will definitely wear during the New Year celebration, cannot wait for it (you can find it on my Instagram as well!).

I will try to get well soon and prepare some new outfit posts as some new items are just waiting for me in my wardrobe! Talk to you soon guys & let me know if you have any interesting post ideas that I could share on my blog!


Monday, 22 December 2014


One of my favorite fashion websites is definitely VOGUE.CO.UK. Basically, you can find all the information about the latest trends, fashion shows, celebrities &, my favorite part, street style fashion images not only from London but also from other fashionable cities! It just saves your time as you don't need to browse through many different sites and magazines, love it!

This time I decided to share with you guys my favorite designers and their pieces from SPRING/SUMMER 2015 collections. I really hope you'll get inspired to add something cool&chick&trendy to your everyday outfits and don't forget to share your opinion about your admired designers & collections!




Sunday, 14 December 2014


Hope you guys are doing well! Honestly, this look was supposed to be a winter outfit, however it's pretty difficult to find a wintery view here in London! Well yes, there are many Christmas trees around the city but I thought it would be too obvious to have a photoshoot next to it hahah! So, with loads of sun, however cold weather I'm showing you today my head to toe New Yorker look.

I actually really love light color during the winter season. Light coats, tops, hats, scarfs or even trousers always catch my eye on the street! I love how clean and fresh it looks. Also, I really think that, no matter if it's summer or winter, if it's sunny outside, you should definitely grab some stylish sunglasses! It's just a great accessory that always adds something catchy to the outfit.

All look by New Yorker / sunglasses FREYRS

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