Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Hey guys! Here I'm today with a new outfit post & the brand new New Yorker Online spring/summer collection. I believe some of you might say: damn girl, where are the bright colours??? Well, this time I went for black, white & nude ones and there's actually no particular reason for this choice. It's still quite cold outside so bright colours are not attracting me at all YET.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure we would all agree that black colour is never a bad choice as well as creamy nude or white, right? Hope you guys like these 2 outfits and don't forget that you can find everything I'm wearing at New Yorker stores!


Wednesday, 25 February 2015


London Fashion Week is sadly over now, but it's time to show you guys my second outfit from the last weekend & these beautiful images by amazing photographer (actually I've met him during the fashion week for the first time, so lucky me!) Hywel Jenkins. Honestly, the weather was sooo freezing, I couldn't properly move my fingers as they were almost frozen haha!

Anyway, I've tried to look a bit more spring ish as spring is my favourite season and I just miss it so much! I've decided to wear this gorgeous, creamy Fabitoria coat which is probably the most perfect one I've ever had. Also, I've matched my brand new H&M hat & favourite, sparkly Aldo shoes. I know it could look better with heels, however I wanted to stay cozy and comfy as 1. it was so cold and 2. I've spent much time just walking outside (which are just a little excuses, I know).

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Hey guys! Fashion Week is over for me this year as I'm back to work, but it's finally a time to share with you what I was wearing during those couple of days! I actually jumped into a very summery mood and picked creamy, pastel colours even though it was sooo freezing outside (as always during the LFW in Feb). Huge thanks for Cristiana Malcica for taking these lovely pictures in the Somerset House this weekend!

Hope you guys like my look & I would be more than happy to hear your opinion about it!


trousers LAVISH ALICE / shoes H&M / bag ZARA / jacket FABITORIA / shirt BF /sunnies ZEROUV

Monday, 23 February 2015


Hello loves! I believe most of you know but if not, it's Fashion Week going on here in London! It really is one of those exciting times of a year as you can meet up all the fashionistas in one place, be inspired by their originality and show the world your own style as well. Unfortunately, this year I had only a weekend to attend the LFW as I'm back to work now. Even though I had only a little of time to enjoy it, I have prepared a few outfit posts by amazing photographers especially for you guys! For now, this is just a little sneak peak from the Somerset House, don't forget to check my blog daily as I'll be uploading new looks soon!


Thursday, 19 February 2015


Today I'm sharing with you guys my outfit I was wearing during the Valentine's day. I wasn't planning to buy anything specific to wear for this "celebration", however Vinted.lt sent me this gorgeous kimono right before the Day of Love. It was actually my love from the first sight and I'm more than excited to wear this beauty during the summer time with some denim shorts and sandals. Thank you Vinted.lt so much, you completely picked the right item!

And guys, I'm so proud of my boyfriend's photography skills, I'm just in love with these images!

Night Night,

Monday, 16 February 2015


Hello lovers! Hope you had a very productive first day of the week. Today I'm here with a super exciting post as I am wearing this gorgeous (isn't it gorgeous???) Sheinside skirt! Honestly, it's my favourite skirt ever after and even though I'm planning to wear it during the Fashion Week, I just couldn't wait to show it for you guys.

Again, this look completely represents my style as I've matched this classy skirt & heels with my edgy New Yorker biker jacket. I absolutely adore neoprene as a fabric so it makes me love this skirt even more. Guys, if you love this baby blue beauty the same way as I do, Sheinside might still have it on their website sooo hurry up!



Sunday, 15 February 2015


Happy Sunday guys! I hope you enjoyed this weekend no matter if you celebrated Valentine's day or not, as we all know there are loads of you honestly hating this celebration haha!

I just wanted to quickly share with you guys a little sneak peak to my outfit I was wearing this Saturday for going out for the dinner. A massive thanks to Vinted.lt for sending me this gorgeous and romantic kimono right before the Valentine's day! I actually thought I'm going to wear it only in the summer time as it's very thin, however I managed to match it with quite casual trousers and wear it even when it's quite cold outside.

Don't forget to check my blog next week guys as I'll post a full look wearing this gorgeous kimono!


Friday, 13 February 2015


Guys, not sure if all of you know Vinted.lt but it's a Lithuanian online platform where people can sell their own clothes, accessories, shoes etc. It's actually growing really quickly and I'm super proud that we have such talented people from our country! Basically, Vinted.lt started collaborating with various fashion bloggers more and more recently and their team is surprising us with various competitions, events or even gifts (which is amazing!) quite often.

I've received this box full of marshmallows with my Instagram images a few days ago, how awesome is that??? I've never seen anything like that before so it definitely surprised me a lot! Thank you sooo much Vinted.lt, however even if I love marshmallows a lot, I really cannot eat these ones haha! I feel like saving them for a long time just to remember how cool this gift looks like. Isn't it amazing??


Thursday, 12 February 2015


Spring is coming, let's bring some bright colours! Doesn't matter if its a clutch, shoes, coat or even a beanie, bring it to life! My pick for this ''let's bring the brightness out'' occasion is this neon beanie I've found in River Island a month ago and I just think it's super cute, isn't it?

By the way guys, I've received this cutie pie playsuit from Vinted.lt a few days ago and I really really like it as it's super comfy and reminds me of school a bit (which is not bad, right?)! Even though London is a city of fashionistas, I believe that it's very important to stay comfy as you can get stucked in a traffic or your day can suddenly become super busy so you always have to be ready!

Monday, 9 February 2015


Hello lovers! Hope you are doing well. This time I'll be super quick as there are sooo many things to do (including cleaning our flat and it's almost 9 pm..) and share with you guys the outfit I was wearing during the weekend + little fragments how my man looked like as I've just loved his outfit.

As the weather is getting a bit warmer, I decided it's the right time to start wearing skirts, finally! However, I realised, that I really don't have anything in my wardrobe except loads of trousers and jeans. That being said, I went hunting for a new skirt and lucky I am, I found this gorgeous Zara fake leather skirt for only 9.99 pounds, how crazy is that?? I thought it's just perfect for this late winter/early spring period as it's long enough to not become frozen and feel awkward as it's quite windy outside. I've matched it with my favourite leather jacket and created this kind of "lady biker" look haha!

Also, I just couldn't keep these pictures of my boyfriend for myself as I just loved loved loved his outfit. He's actually a real 'blazer man', believe me, it's not even funny anymore when my clothes are not fitting to our wardrobe! Anyway, I think this River Island blazer is just insane and this look kind of matched with mine as well (which I secretly loved as well).

What do you think guys? Do you like matching your outfits with your beloved ones, best friends or anyone that inspires you?


I was wearing skirt ZARA / jacket & top NEW YORKER / shoes H&M / hand-watch FILIPPO LORETI / My man was wearing blazer RIVER ISLAND / scarf ZARA / hand-watch FILIPPO LORETI

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