Sunday, 14 December 2014


Hope you guys are doing well! Honestly, this look was supposed to be a winter outfit, however it's pretty difficult to find a wintery view here in London! Well yes, there are many Christmas trees around the city but I thought it would be too obvious to have a photoshoot next to it hahah! So, with loads of sun, however cold weather I'm showing you today my head to toe New Yorker look.

I actually really love light color during the winter season. Light coats, tops, hats, scarfs or even trousers always catch my eye on the street! I love how clean and fresh it looks. Also, I really think that, no matter if it's summer or winter, if it's sunny outside, you should definitely grab some stylish sunglasses! It's just a great accessory that always adds something catchy to the outfit.

All look by New Yorker / sunglasses FREYRS

Sunday, 7 December 2014


Hey guys! I'm pretty excited today because I'm sharing with you my first make-up "tutorial". It's not a completely "step by step" post, however I wanted to show you how I prepare for my day. It actually takes me 10-15min. so it's very quick & naturally looking makeup. Less talk, let's start!

In these pictures I start with putting concealer on, however before that, I always put a BB Cream. I usually use BarryM & Maybelline one.

Sunday, 30 November 2014


Hello guys! Hope you are doing very well. I'm feeling so happy during the last few days as the weather in London is just wonderful! Honestly, the sun has a huge impact to my mood during the autumn/winter season, so obviously, I'm smiling much more & have only positive minds in my head. I know, I know, talking about weather seems like I don't have anything to say BUT, as I have only weekends left to prepare something beautiful for you guys, that "weather theme" plays a huge role in my blogging life!

Around a week ago I started collaboration with a really cool (believe me) headphones brand called MOLAMI. I actually never had any stylish headphones so this is just a perfect early Christmas gift for myself! I don't know if you guys have ever seen this kind of design, but I definitely haven't. It basically looks like a headband, not the proper headphones, and this is the main fact why I picked exactly these ones! It seems so unique for me and, at the same time, doesn't look like headphones at all. If you are looking for the good quality ones, check out their website here, I'm sure you'll find something suitable for yourself. Of course, the price is pretty high, however the quality is definitely worth it.

My biggest obsession during the last few days, you may noticed that on my Instagram account, is a cozy knitwear from Sheinside. Oh my, how much I love it! It not only looks cozy, it's definitely super warm & soft to your skin! It actually became my best friend, especially in the early mornings, when I just wake up and go to the bathroom to do my make-up before going to work (I always feel so cold during that time}. I'm adding the link here if you guys are looking for something similar, it's definitely worth buying & also, the price is just great!


Trousers ZARA / sunglasses ZEROUV / necklace BIBJEWELRY / sneakers NIKE / knitwear SHEINSIDE / headphones MOLAMI / bag NEW YORKER

Sunday, 23 November 2014


So London is showing its real face by sharing some rainy days with all of us over here. What could be worse for taking the outfit pictures outside?? From my busy diary I have only weekends when I have some time to put all myself into work with my blog and, lucky me, it's raining all day long! Well, even if the weather is awful, I couldn't just leave my blog empty and had a photoshoot under the rain (not the best feeling)!

However, I'm pretty happy about the result as my main goal was to present you this brand new Free People jacket. It's not completely my style, but when I saw those flowers on the sleeves & a navy blue fur detail on a hoody, I just fell in love with it! And you know what, it's just perfect during these rainy days as the hood covers all my head and I don't even feel that it's raining anymore hahah!

I believe that you would definitely agree with me that this jacket doesn't go well with a classy dress or a pair of heels, so I tried to make it more sporty but at the same time casual & sheek. As you can see, I added those lovely light grey socks to make the look even more cute & a bit girly. I really think this outfit is just perfect for everyday walks around the city, well, definitely when it's not raining!

Hope you guys liked this outfit, especially this new Free People jacket (find it here) & see you soon with a new post!


Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I'm sooo excited to share this second look in collaboration with Fabitoria! Look at this skirt! If you have never heard about this brand, you should definitely check them out if you are a true lover of textiles prints. What I love about clothes with prints on it, that the shapes of the garments can be so so simple, however when you add a print to that garment, it becomes completely different and much more noticeable.

Honestly, I'm very picky when it comes to bright, ornamented clothes. It's usually way too much for me. I feel so happy that I managed to find a brand which surprises me with every collection by its unique shapes, fabrics and, obviously, prints! Also, I matched my brand new Lavish Alice classy blazer and I think this combination of two, completely different brads went very well together. What do you think about this combo?


blazer LAVISH ALICE / skirt FABITORIA / shoes, top & bag ZARA / watch DANIEL WELLINGTON

Monday, 17 November 2014


When I was at school, I wasn't used to organise my time that much. There were loads of things to do, I kept forgetting those "must do" tasks and, obviously, I was always stressing about that. Only after a while I came to the decision to buy a notebook! At the moment, I can't imagine myself without it. Well, at least without google calendar. 

It's not a secret that London is a super busy city. You have to be really good in time managing in order to reach your goals and destinations! Few days ago, I received this little notebook from Smythson and just fell in love with it. Of course, I would be much more happier if this would be like a calendar type notebook, as it's much more easier to plan your everyday stuff when you have one. However, even if it's pretty simple inside, the cover of this little book is just gorgeous! Those little golden letters "Follow Your Dreams" make me feel so inspired that I decided to put all my wishes, dreams & future plans in there!

Do you guys use a notebook? I really think it's just a MUST HAVE for busy ladies, especially bloggers, right?


Sunday, 16 November 2014


Hope you are all well! I'm trying my best to make as much outfit posts as I can but it's pretty difficult at the moment. I'm working full time so have only weekends to do my blogging stuff as at 5 pm it's already dark outside and to make some cool pics to share with you guys is actually not really possible. However, this weekend we tried to work hard and had a few shootings so I have many things to show you guys!

As you hopefully remember, I was collaborating with a brand Fabitoria since I moved to London last year. I made few outfit posts on the blog before & also wore their gorgeous pieces to London Fashion Weekend. This time we are working together again and I'm so happy to show you their new pieces from the latest collection. I see so much talent in this brand, the prints they create seems like something insane for me! 

When collaborating with brands, I always pay loads of attention to their product. I rarely work with brands that doesn't meet my own style & my own "requirements". It's all because it's so much easier to represent a brand to you guys when I truly believe in their idea and feel so inspired by their designs. I believe that it's both beneficial for me and for a brand as well.

This time I'm showing you this gorgeous, white, classy skirt & long sleeve top obviously from Fabitoria! I'm so in love with this new collection, I highly recommend you to visit their website as they have definitely exclusive pieces. As most of the time, I tried to add some edgy details to the outfit! Hope you guys will like this look & cannot wait to show you the second outfit soon.


Skirt & top FABITORIA / jacket NEW YORKER / bag ZARA / shoes H&M

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Although it's almost winter now, I'm still in love with bright, let's say, a bit summer ish colours! I really think this is what makes you be noticed on the streets. Of course, there are loads of amazing designs in black or any other dark colour, however if you'll have something bright in your outfit, you could be sure that it will catch someone's eye!

Today my mission is to represent you my new love and dearest guest in my wardrobe - this gorgeous clutch from GOLDENLANE. I would say I'm quite picky when it comes to ''let's buy a bag'' process. I always find something that I don't like so usually I spend loads of time till I find a perfect one.

A week ago I had a lovely meeting with one of the founders of Golden Lane bags and also visited their showroom full of, believe me, gorgeous bags! Obviously, as I always loved pink, I fell in love with this clutch from the first sight. That modern touch & good quality just stole my heart. I really think that it's one of those accessories when people start asking you, oh where did you get it?? 

Of course, I totally agree that it's a matter of taste as it's really not a usual clutch. However, I'm pretty sure that I could match it with almost every look from my wardrobe and it would still look awesome! That's all for today, I have some exciting collaborations waiting ahead for you guys & more exciting articles about my life in London!

See you soon,

trousers&fur coat NOWISTYLE / blazer LAVISH ALICE / shoes H&M / top ZARA / clutch GOLDENLANE / sunnies ZEROUV

Friday, 7 November 2014


Hope you are all well! I actually wasn't really sure what to write about today but this idea came to my mind and I thought, as I moved to London, I should tell all of you guys, why I love this city and why I think it's so special. As I know quite a few people who are not enjoying London that much and you could also think, oh well, my friend was there and he/she told me it was super crowded, people are like crazy there, I would love to tell you what helped me to realise why this city is so special!

I am pretty sure you've noticed that the places, doesn't matter if it's a restaurant, a club or even a city, which are most of the time full of people, are the most popular ones. And I was always asking myself, why so many people come to London? It's so expensive, it's extremely busy, there's no time to just sit and relax honestly! After a one year in this city, I can truly say that I finally have an answer to this question.

Imagine when every single day you can find at least 10 people who seem inspiring for you from the first sight? Imagine a place which is full of creative people surrounding you in every corner: in a coffee shop, on a tube or just randomly on the street! This is London! I really think that there are so many opportunities in this city, you just have to be motivated and brave enough to take them. Of course, there are so many difficulties in this city as well. It's really hard to not think about the money as the prices are really high, but personally, I feel so motivated and inspired by how people here manage to do so many things at on time, how hard they work and what an extremely awesome results they reach!

I really believe that you need to find a place/ city which inspires you by its atmosphere and especially people, because only then you can make the best of yourself! For now, I think London is an exact place for me. I'm meeting so many talented people from the fashion industry, people who are believing in their selves so much, even if they are in the lowest point of their career. All these things are the biggest motivation for me at the moment and I really wish to find a place like this for all of you guys! 

If talking about my outfit, I just couldn't wait to show you guys this gorgeous GOLDENLANE bag! It's so versatile and modern, I just love it. It also has that sporty touch which makes me feel obsessed with it as I'm a true lover of matching sporty & classy styles! Also, I cannot stop wearing these ZARA fake leather trousers. Sooo comfy & goes well with everything from my wardrobe.

Wish you all a crazy weekend & see you soon!


Wednesday, 5 November 2014


So after that heavy week full of difficulties starting with moving in,  jobs and many other things, I still believed that it always comes the time, when everything stands up to its right places. And it did! After spending each day in front of my laptop, looking for the new opportunities, trying to take as much as I can from this city, I finally got a job that I was dreaming about. It's actually one of the best feelings ever! Cannot wait to start and tell you more about this new opportunity!

Well, this post is more about our new home & our lovely neighborhood that we moved in yesterday! Few years ago I was actually thinking about studying interior design so to have my own place and be able to decorate it the way I want, it's just awesome. I think those, who are living by their own, know this feeling hahah! 

What I love the most about our new flat is definitely white walls! I love how clean, minimal & fresh it looks, you don't even need to put tones of accessories to make it look good. Also, the street is really beautiful, there are loads of different colour doors, classy designs, I cannot wait to make the new outfit pictures for you guys over there!

That's all for today, in the next posts I promise to surprise you with some new collaborations & don't forget to text me and come for a coffee as soon as you are in London x


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