Monday, 1 September 2014


Time flies, it's autumn already but I still live in the summer memories! I wouldn't lie if I would say that it was a really great summer with loads of sunny and even super hot days, travels, different projects with ADM and of course many experiences that helped me to understand some complicated things in my life and improve my personality in different spheres ! Well, today it's the first day of autumn already but I would like to suggest you just to sit for a moment and think what you did during the summer, what you learnt and where you improved. I really believe that this "procedure" is very useful as sometimes we just forget how good we are at some points.
As autumn is the time when the weather becomes cooler and cooler, it always makes me wear those toneless colours as grey, black or brown but to be honest, I love them! I don't know why but I became a lover of the dark tones so I'm pretty sure you'll see them quite often on ADM this season.
Anyway, today I matched, at the moment, my favourite ZARA leather imitation trousers together with a long, classy rain coat. Super comfy & chick, what do you think?:)

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Today it's all about a sporty dress!  I think it's just perfect for the girls that love minimalism, black tones and simple cuts. Well yes, summer is almost over but I believe it could look nice with some black tights, athletic socks or even together with a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers.
Sometimes it's all about the comfort!

All look by New Yorker

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Hope you are well guys because today I have some exciting news for you! Few days ago I was visiting one of the most exclusive Lithuanian brands called Julia Janus. As you may have thought from my pictures it's a clothing brand but actually they are much more than that! Most of the brands in the fashion industry focus on clothes, shoes or accessories; some also have a home product division. However here, I was surprised to see such a strong connection between clothing, ceramics and interior!

The main accent that will catch your eye when you enter Julia Janus stores - a very long table with loads of uniquely shaped dishes, beautiful flowers and candles combined with their neck accessories and handbags. You actually feel like home (don't think that I put my accessories inside the dishes on my dinner table hahah!) The design in all the stores is very cozy with many eye-catching interior details which create a unique atmosphere.

The other thing that makes JJ products special is that they are inspired by nature, city life and many other things from Julia's travels! But you know what surprises me the most? Food plays a big role in this company (and I am a true food lover!) Cooking is one of the designer's passions that's why before publishing a new lookbook some examples are being sent to master chefs who are trying to create some special dishes reflecting the latest trends and designs! How cool is that??

I really got inspired by how many things you can combine to create a fashion brand and make it so special! The images in this post serves only as a teaser because soon a brand new exciting project will rise where I will present you looks combined with JJ clothing.


Saturday, 23 August 2014


Hope you are doing well guys! Today I'm excited to present you my second look for our collaboration with New Yorker. My previous outfit was kind of edgy, full of heavy details and mostly black colour so this one is a bit different, lighter with a bit of denim. 
I was always looking for a denim jumpsuit so I grabbed this one from New Yorker's store! Honestly, I would prefer the one with boyfriend's jeans but this one is pretty cool and comfy as well. The funny fact about this outfit is that I am not a big lover of cats but I picked a shirt with kitties hahah! As long as they are only in drawings it's fine for me !

denim jumpsuit/shirt/bag/top NEW YORKER / shoes PRIMARK

Monday, 18 August 2014


Hei hou ! Super excited to present you my latest outfit from collaboration with NEW YORKER. Using mostly their clothes I present you the 1 out of 4 looks. In this one, I tried to match a romantic, very light dress with a heavy leather bag and a biker jacket. Even if the lacy details aren't that trendy anymore, I still love this dress for its simplicity and especially, the lace on it. 
The biker jacket is a pure beauty as well ! I was looking for this bad boy for a long time and I finally found it in New Yorker!
I also included my beloved BibJewelry necklace as I am a lover of sparkling details (you may realised that before)!

In the comments below, tell me guys what do you think about this look and if you found something suitable for you, visit New Yorker stores !


Sunday, 17 August 2014


After a long long time I'm making a new cosmetics review post! This time I am super happy because all the products I've received from Maybelline are just perfectly fitting my skin tone and my expectations. I really wanted to share my opinion with you guys as Maybelline is a brand that I am using the most often because of its quality and price.

So let's start and I really hope my advice will help you when picking some cosmetic items in the store!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


As you may realised from my images on Instagram, few weeks ago I received some gorgeous jewellery pieces from Bib Jewelry. Since then, I cannot stop wearing them! Even if they look quite fancy, I found it quite easy to match them with some basic stuff & everyday outfits.

Today I am showing you the first super colourful beauty! I think it matches perfectly with denim shorts or just trousers (it doesn't matter actually) but at the same time could look very elegant and expensive with a cocktail dress.

Check Bib Jewelry's online store, I am pretty sure you will find something suitable for you x


Monday, 11 August 2014


Hola ! 

As you already know from my previous posts together with Fashion Framy by Gema I spent a lovely week in Barcelona ! One of my missions there was to create something exciting to remember so instead of just taking pictures (as I did anyway), we captured the best moments and put it in a video. Take a look & get inspired to visit this beautiful city x


Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Hola Barcelona they say ! 
No doubt that this city is one of the most beautiful I've ever visited. If it's not in your must do list, put it there NOW. I am pretty sure that for those exciting moments seekers this place would be just perfect. Nice beaches, even more beautiful streets, architecture, relaxed people...delicious food of course ! Everything there is worth visiting. I am super happy that we decided to spend a week of our summer holidays exactly in Barcelona and I really left home with the best recommendations and memories.
Hope you guys are enjoying this summer & I would love to hear your thoughts about Barcelona if you have ever been there !

Monday, 4 August 2014


My holidays in Barcelona are going to the end but honestly, I am not sad at all as I am finally going home! The last time I was there was on Easter holiday so I am very excited to see everyone.
If I would need to sum up this week in Barcelona, I would say it was super hot, absolutely beautiful and relaxing. Really recommend this place for everyone as it has not only a beautiful beach but also absolutely gorgeous city for sightseeing, exploring, shopping and you can really get inspired!
Yesterday I chose this BoomBoom Boutique dress which is not really my style so I tried to make it mine! As it is very classic I added some let's say more sporty details which changed this outfit completely!
Tell me what you think !
Dress BOOM BOOM BOUTIQUE / shirt ZARA / slippers PRIMARK / necklace NEW LOOK

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